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The Next Generation of Power & Performance.
This is the most advanced common rail tuning in the world

New Tuner

Surface Mounted Keypad :

With the on board controls you can switch between maps and your system can be individually fine-tuned. 3-color LED’s display the current selected program and power level.

Glass-fibre reinforced housing : 

The newly developed glass-fibre reinforced housing meets all of our customer requirements for a robust, long-lasting product providing continuous power and is suitable for use in extreme temperature ranges. The system benefits from the latest in shock-absorbing technology.

Heat-resistant circuitry : 

The full-surface epoxy resin coating ensures a particularly high wear resistance and the best possible surface quality. Intelligent thermal management ensures long-term durability and low chip temperatures by optimizing the heat dissipation properties.

A close cooperation and active involvement : 

Our Tuning-Systems are manufactured using state-of-the-art production methods in our fully equipped facility and tailored to high German standards. This new Tuning-System is brought together by ways of in-house development and manufacturing. All components are developed on the basis of many years of experience and subject to continuous improvement. This in combination with intensive technical research makes possible it possible to look forward and allows us to expand on our technological lead.

Ultra-High-Speed-​Processor : 

The integrated high-performance processor references the data received from the engine against the stored variable tables to make constant automatic adjustments.

Multi-Map-Technology : 

The Multi -Map -Technology is designed to work within the confines of the vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU). The protective functions of the engine are fully preserved and the statutory emission levels remain unaffected.

Custom tuning : 

You can see there is a specific map for each channel, there is no limitation in the ability to create a custom tune.  We can tune the fuel and boost all based on rpm. Something that is impossible with less sophisticated units. this avoids the need to reduce the entire tune because of a problem in a small portion of the rpm range

Common Rail Tuning - ECU Chips

Auto-Adjust-Function : 

After a short period of use, the individual data of the vehicles different injection cycles are automatically monitored. The information recorded is used as the basis for complete optimization to achieve the best results from your engine.



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