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ECU Chips Ltd is Based in Auckland with dealers New Zealand wide and Australia.

Why Choose an ECU Chips plug in tuner for you engine?

  • Our units can be installed in an Hour or less in most cases
    Our units are resin filled, Rugged, tough and waterproof. It will last the life of the parent vehicle
  • We can install an on/off switch. You can turn the unit off so the technician can diagnose the computer to repair problems unaffected by our tuner
  • We do not modify the factory computer in any way when using a plug in system. Our unit plugs direct to the fuel injectors to intercept the fuel injectors and turbo pressure, Some times we add a little common rail pressure as well for extreme tuning
  • You can remove our system and move to the next car, truck or tractor anytime

Most Importantly

  • Our systems will come with built-in safety systems
  • The unit will retard power if the throttle is held at 100% for longer than the preset time, example 1 min to protect the engine
  • We can add a gradient as well if required that can retard the power if the exhaust temp rises too high
  • Our units will work perfectly with Diesel Particle filters and Add Blue due to its advanced design and software
  • We find a large variance in most engines outputs due to manufacturing tolerances and minor differences in sensor readings. For this reason, we can carry out a datalog and a custom tune for your car if required
  • This means. You can always get the best result with our system on your engine
    Our units only do one thing, It adds to the time the injector is open and adds some turbo pressure to keep the air fuel ratio correct and it gets the results. Simple, reliable and effective!

We can also Remap you car, Truck or Tractor

  • Is remapping better or worse,  Well the truth is there are pro’s and con’s for both.
  • A remap will absolutely affect the warranty if the car has one, A chip can be removed.
  • Is the power better with a remap,  No not at all. We can only add as much fuel as we can add before the engine starts running too rich which will adversely affect the engine oil life and the turbo life and general reliability.
  • The same amount of fuel will make the engine run rich weather its added by remap or a quality tuner.
  • Are all chips the same,  No of course not. The units we use are made in Germany and are of very good quality, but they are useless if we don’t set them up correctly. We have had several trips to Germany for training and are now very good at configuring these units. In fact we often send tunes back to Germany now
  • Should you add fuel without boost.  Well we won’t say never, But we would say never if an air/fuel ratio has not be taken. We would always add boost if possible…
  • Remapping is best for some engines, quality tuners are the best for others. For example, if there is no distinguishable difference between the results, then the tuner is best as it has more flexibility than the remapas well you have a unit for the next car you buy…

Does the Tuner trick the computer

  • Of course not, Magicians  perform tricks, Our tuners change the voltage from the sensor to create a desired result, or adds current to the fuel injector to hold it open longer. A remap does the same thing, It just adjusts the parameters the ECU is looking for.