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Reduced reaction time. More dynamic.


Anyone who travels a lot by car, has to face different driving conditions and situations. The Pedalbox changes the speed in which the throttle responds. When you drive the car, it will feel much more responsive and the car will feel more alive. They do not add more power, but make the power you have more easily available. The Pedalbox is an additional control unit, with four user-selectable programmes, that increases throttle response by removing delays in the accelerator, enhancing driveability.

We have models in stock now for many cars. We have installed them on our own cars and were so impressed, we have chosen to stock the product.

For the record, it’s been a while since we have been this impressed with a product. They truly are a great addition to any car, van or SUV.

Greater control. User-Adjustable.

All drivers face a wide range of driving conditions and situations. The PealBox allows drivers to choose between four levels, each with three seperate modes offering improved response. The PedalBox includes different programmes tailored to meet the most drivers range of driver’s wishes. The driver can select the programme most suited to the driving situation.

Reduced response time. More dynamic.

Moments of delay are a thing of the past. The signal is immediately followed by the response, giving the driver the feeling that he or she is accelerating faster. However, the torque remains the same. It is merely the response ratios that have improved.

Maximum efficiency. Greater driving pleasure.

Once responsiveness has improved, driving is a lot more fun. Plus, quick acceleration without any delay gives drivers the feeling of being in better control of their vehicle.

Practical and beneficial.

Modifying the values set by the manufacturer therefore has advantages. The PedalBox will meet the expectations of customers and their cars. The often delayed throttle response of modern engines is gone, while retaining the standard engine control unit.