Fuso Canter 3

Fuso Canter 3.0

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Quick Overview

Original -92Kw | 294nm

Tuned by ECU -0Kw | 0nm

CCM :2977CC | Engine :R4

Power Enhancement by ECU CHIPS

You can increase power and Torque with kw Systems superior tuning technology.

At ECU Chips we can provide a safe power enhancement for you engine by increasing the length of the fuel injection pulse. There are no other parameters changed in the cars computer. This of course allows the engine to generate more torque in a safe manner as all the cars original safety features are still in operation.
You can trust this solution for your Car, Truck, Tractor or Machinery as although the engine may be different, the unit will work in the same way.
The result of installing the kw Systems unit will be and additional 20% in power and torque to provide better towing, overtaking and performance for all aspects of driving.

SKU: TRU51137