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We can supply quality plugin units with benefits listed below or a computer remap. Guaranteed Best Price!

  1. New Holland / Case Tier 4 – Adblue Delete – Now Available
  2. John Deere Tier 3 All 30 Series: EGR Delete – Now Available
  3. 40K speed restriction removal now available on selected models, call for details
  4. Tier 4A  Fendt – Massey Fergusson – Valtra – Deutz can be tuned without requiring the removal of the computer

Efficiency in the field

Tractors and other agricultural vehicles require sufficient power to handle heavy work. However, this power must be provided with adequate consumption and at realistic operating costs. ECU Chips also provides power optimizations for tractors which provide additional power reserves and allow a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

More performance, More torque:

Whether you want to use a tractor, a combine harvester or other agricultural or forestry vehicles, ECU Chip tuning allows you to apply them with more power and performance, and optimized torque in every conceivable work situation. Achieve more economic efficiency and savings with our ECU Chips. In times of high and ever-rising energy costs, a very important factor

Apply more power to your business and increase earnings!

New dynamometer for tractors at ECU Chips Headquarters

Trust, but verify! You can now test your tractor’s performance with our new dynamo meter. Measurement of rpm, motor performance and much more. Click Here to know more…

Tractor Dyno_3
Tractor Dyno_2
Tractor Dyno_1

Rugged and ready for everyday work

The ECU Chips Tractor Tuner consists of special acid-resistant and heat-resistant plastic; the professional housing of these systems is characterized by its durability. And the rugged 18-pin AMP connector is specifically designed for high loads in a tough, everyday, working environment.

DIY installation or on-site installation service – test it out now!

You can easily install the systems yourself using the instruction manual included. (On this point, please note our discount for DIY installers.). But you can also take advantage of our on-site installation service! Try out our tractor tuning totally without risk and let yourself be persuaded.