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Less Consumption, more torque!

Chip Tuning TruckHigh performance with effective and sustainable utilization factor can be achieved with our “Fuel Saver” chip tuning box. Take advantage of the improved injection from the Fuel Saver to lower costs on a sustainable basis for your fleet in the shipping and transport business.

Achieve more economic efficiency and savings with our chip tuning boxes. In times of high and ever-rising energy costs, a very important factor. With our optionally available Performance System, you also get a performance increase of up to 2, while at the same time saving gear-changing and purchase costs.

Apply more power to your business and increase earnings!


Consumption Reduction:Hino 700

Optimized data mapping and a higher efficiency can achieve an additional reduction in fuel
consumption. A real advantage that you can count in monetary terms! Please note that in various countries a TÜV Registration is necessary.

With high-quality components made of automotive-specific plastic housings, high-performance CPUs and original connectors in OEM quality, our performance-enhancing modules come up to the highest quality demands and thus guarantee sustainable, long-term use in your vehicle.

Our tuning boxes: Acid and Heat Resistant.

Automotive-specific plastic housing for extreme durability.

Performance increase of up to 20% by professional tuning.

Also compatible with diesel particulate filters

As a result of optimized combustion across all the engine’s performance ranges, the fuel is used considerably more efficiently. Smoke and soot are thus restricted to such an extent that even in vehicles with diesel particulate filters our technology can be used effectively and safely.

Memory function

Truck Chip

Hidden Installation of Tuner in Hino 700

The control units are
designed to learn the individual characteristics and performance specifications of your vehicle. During a short run-in period, the memory function gathers the individual data on the different injection cycles depending on the load condition. The information gathered serves as a basis for optimizing performance. Standard tolerances are compensated for and revised to give the optimum tuning result for your vehicle.


Multi-map Technology

The latest development in the field of ECU Chips tuning system utilizes revolutionary multi-map technology. Here, for the first time 4-8 data maps are stored in the chip box which, depending on the desired driving behavior, are individually retrieved and activated. This means improved values for power, torque, emissions and fuel consumption in all imaginable driving conditions for your vehicle.

At lower than average driving speeds, a reduction of “turbo lag” can be achieved as a result of higher torque.